MOJO Programs & Initiatives

Mojo Mama Scholarships
MOJO scholarships are awarded to student mothers at the undergraduate and graduate levels to support needs such as books, tuition, childcare, etc.  Each MOJO scholarship recipient is required to gift 10% of her scholarship to another student mother of her choice accompanied by a letter of support and encouragement.  The application process for MOJO scholarships ranges depending on the award amount.

MOJO Within the Walls
MOJO Within the Walls provides educational resources (i.e. books, notepads, writing utensils, etc.) to mothers participating in education programs during their incarceration. MOJO works directly with corrections administrators as well as other philanthropic organizations to ascertain the needs of these mothers and their programs.

MOJO Muse Gifts
MOJO Muses are mothers whose circumstances inspire us to better support and advocate for mothers across the community.  This program provides resources to mothers who experience hardship related to death, illness, or other drastic life changes.  MOJO Muse gifts are intended to support these mothers and/or their children in their most difficult moments.

“All is Well” Holistic Health Sessions
“All is Well” sessions are designed to provide mothers with access to information about maintaining every aspect of their health and the health of their children.  The focus of these interactions range from gynecological and pediatric health to psychological and spiritual care.

Nneka Nook Lending Library
Nneka is an Ibo word that translates as “mother is supreme.”  The Nneka Nook lending library is a resource that houses texts of mothering scholarship, fiction, resource manuals, etc.  MOJO members are allowed to check out these texts for two to three weeks at no charge.

MOJO Missions
MOJO encourages community involvement through various service projects.  Our MOJO mamas voluntarily participate in these opportunities.  Service projects range from the donation of gently-used baby items and clothing for other mothers on campus to serving mothers in need in the larger community in various ways.